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Georgia's Structural Pest Division (SPD) safeguards the health, safety, and environment of Georgians. We enforce state and federal structural pesticide laws while regulating professionals specializing in structural pest control, ensuring the removal of unwanted pests from in and around structures.



  • Consumers

    SPD works diligently to ensure that pest management practices are performed in a manner that is responsible and adheres to state and federal guidelines. Our responsibility includes the licensing of pest management professionals, achieved through a combination of education, experience, and examinations.

    Anyone providing pest management services must hold a valid license. To locate a licensed pest management company, please utilize the search link provided below.

    If you wish to file a complaint or report an incident related to pest management services or pesticide application, please notify us using the Structural Pest Inspection & Complaint Form below.

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  • Certification

    The Structural Pest Division ensures the competency of commercial pest management professionals through the certification, training, and licensing program. To ensure initial competency, there are requirements that must be met prior to certification, including training, experience, and examinations. Commercial pest management professionals also have continuing education requirements to maintain competency after they are licensed.

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  • Compliance

    The Structural Pest compliance & enforcement program ensures that commercial pest management professionals comply with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to pesticides and pest management in Georgia. The program regulates structural pest control companies, providing inspections as requested by consumers as well as routine compliance audits to ensure that the companies are in compliance with laws and regulations.

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  • Outreach

    The Structural Pest outreach program supports our mission to protect the health, safety, and welfare of citizens of Georgia and the environment. SPD provides education and technical assistance to the regulated community to help them be in compliance and to prevent human and environmental harm by providing exceptional service to the public. We aid in public education for pesticide safety, understanding best practices, and compliance assistance. Additionally, we publish a quarterly newsletter for the pest management industry and work to connect pest management professionals with training resources and fact sheets.

    Compliance Assistance

    The Inside Buzz Newsletter

    SPCC Guidance Policies and Fact Sheets

    Integrated Pest Management for Georgia Schools and Child Care Facilities

    Compliance Assistance Modules (CAM) Library

  • Structural Pest Control Commission

    The Georgia Structural Pest Control Commission partners with the GDA to effectively serve the public and the pest management industry. This partnership involves advising on enforcement measures and disseminating and explaining the Georgia Structural Pest Control Act. Additionally, the commission plays a crucial role in certifying pest control companies, operators, and employees to uphold industry standards and regulations. Together, these efforts aim to enhance the overall effectiveness and integrity of pest control practices in Georgia.

    The Structural Pest Control Commission routinely meets on the second Tuesday of each month. For a complete list of upcoming meetings and locations, please visit the SPCC Public Notices page.

    Structural Pest Control Commission Page


    SPCC Public Notices


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