Soil Ammendments

Soil Amendments

The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) regulates all soil amendments distributed within the State of Georgia. We make sure that businesses and home gardeners get products that comply with quality standards and are labeled correctly.



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    All soil amendments must be registered with GDA.  Those derived from industrial by-products or sewage sludge will need to provide additional information.

    Applicants must submit a copy of each product label that will accompany the material and be furnished to the purchaser. Every soil amendment label must include this information:

    • The product name;

    • A statement of product benefit;

    • The concentration of active and inert ingredients;

    • Recommended directions for use;

    • The net weight or volume; and

    • The name and address of the registrant.

    See an example of expressing the concentration of ingredients.


    Products Derived from Industrial By-Products or Sewage Sludge

    If your soil amendment product is derived from either industrial by-products or sewage sludge (biosolids), you must include two more documents in your application:

    1. Supplemental Registration Application: Supplement A  (Industrial By-Products) or  Supplement B (Biosolids).
    2. Current representative analysis for each product you intend to register. See the required tests and other criteria.

    See the NRCS Conservation Practice Standards list below for more information on pits or lagoons storing these soil amendments.


The Georgia Department of Agriculture works diligently to ensure that soil amendment products are made in a manner that is responsible and in accordance with state and federal guidelines. Please notify us using our Soil Amendment Complaint Form if you believe an adverse incident has occurred.

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