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The GDA works with Georgia's businesses and animal owners to make sure that agriculture-related animals are kept safely and humanely.  We work to prevent the spread of animal diseases.



Animal Health

Animal diseases, safety requirements, rules for bringing animals into Georgia.

Pets and Livestock

Animal dealers, farmers.

Animal Management

Meat Inspections, animal feed and manure handling.

Complaints & Incidents

The Georgia Department of Agriculture has authority over our licensed facilities. You can log a complaint with us concerning one of our licensed facilities.  If you want to report animal cruelty, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Buying Pets from the Internet


Internet pet scams aim to deceive unsuspecting pet lovers. These scams offer a pet for little or no cost but will request a hefty shipping deposit or other "unforeseen" expenses during the process.

Many of these criminals operate overseas. Finding and prosecuting them could be extremely difficult; maybe impossible. Research the seller thoroughly. Only purchase from sellers you can validate.

Use our License Search tool to see pet dealers, kennel operators (groomers, trainers, boarders), animal rescues, humane societies, and local government animal shelters that hold a valid license with the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

If you have been the victim of an internet pet scam or have evidence about such a scam, report it to the FBI at

Note:  Individuals and businesses selling animals over the internet may be required to hold a U.S.D.A. license.