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Hemp under 0.3% THC may be cultivated in Georgia with a valid hemp grower license and processed into finished hemp products with a valid hemp processor permit. The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) regulates licensed hemp growers and permitted hemp processors and issues the annual licenses and permits.


GDA Hemp Licensing and Reporting System


  • 2024 Hemp Program Updates

    2024 Hemp Program Updates

    2023 License Application Period Has Ended 
    As of October 31, 2023, applications for 2023 Grower Licenses and Processor Permits are no longer accepted. The application window for 2024 opens January 1.

    2024 Renewals - Now Open 
    As of November 1, 2023, renewals are open for existing licensed growers and processors. Please complete your 2023 site reporting before renewing for 2024. Timely reporting is crucial to avoid processing delays. 
    Renew via the Hemp Licensing System → Click “License Renewal Due”.

    2024 Annual Reporting Reminder 
    By December 1, 2023, all Hemp Licensees must report Plantings, Harvests, and Disposals. If you haven't yet completed your 2023 site reporting, please do so immediately.
    Log into Hemp Licensing System → Select “Site Reporting” → Follow Reporting Instructions.

  • About this Program

    About this Program

    The Georgia Hemp Farming Act was passed in 2019. This Act allows hemp cultivation and processing within the state. Individuals or businesses may obtain a Hemp Grower License or Hemp Processor Permit and are subject to the Georgia Hemp Grower and Processor Rules. License or permit holders must renew every year they wish to grow or process hemp in.

    Upon obtaining a license or permit, holders are subject to additional program requirements including:

    • Sampling and Laboratory Testing
    • Disposal or Remediation of Non-Compliant Hemp
    • Compliance Inspections
    • Farm Service Agency (FSA) Reporting (Growers only)
    • GDA Planting and Site Reporting (Growers only)
    • Other requirements as described in the Act and the documents below


  • FSA Reporting

    FSA Reporting

    All licensed hemp growers in Georgia must report crop information to the USDA Farm Service Agency (or FSA). The deadline established by FSA for this information is July 31 each year. Please visit https://www.fsa.usda.gov/state-offices/Georgia/index if you are not sure how to contact your local FSA office. You will need your FSA information for the GDA Planting and Site Reporting.

    Below is some basic information that producers need to provide when reporting acreage to FSA:

    • Crop and crop type or variety.
    • Intended use of the crop.
    • Number of acres of the crop.
    • Planting date(s).
    • Planting pattern, when applicable.
    • Producer shares.
    • Irrigation practice(s).
    • Acreage prevented from planting, when applicable.
    • AMS License Number- if not already on file with FSA
    • Other information as required.
  • GDA Planting and Site Reporting


    All licensed hemp growers in Georgia must complete planting and annual reporting requirements for each of the grow sites listed on a license. Reporting is required regardless of whether you grew or not that year. If you grew you will need to provide the Farm, Track, Field, and Sub-Field numbers you were assigned by your local USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA).

    All site reporting will be completed on the Department’s Hemp Licensing System. Log in with your email and password. Site reports must contain the following information:

    • Planting
    • Harvesting
    • Disposal and remediation (if applicable)

License Types

Hemp Grower

You need a Hemp Grower license if you are an individual or business that wishes to grow hemp in Georgia.  If you grow hemp and process it yourself, you need both a Hemp Grower license and a Hemp Processor permit.

Hemp Processor

You need a Hemp Processor permit if you are an individual or business that wishes to process hemp in Georgia, including hemp that you grow yourself.

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