Emergency Response

Dealing with Disaster

The Department of Agriculture (GDA) works with state, federal and industry partners to support the safety and comfort of Georgia citizens, evacuees, and all livestock and companion animals.

Be Prepared!

  • Follow emergency instructions given by your local and state Emergency Management Associations.

  • Have a plan ahead of time to ensure the safety of family, pets, livestock, and home.

  • Have a generator of sufficient size to provide for your vital needs and test the generator before you need it – power outages can occur.

  • Fill the fuel tanks! Have all fuel tanks full with extra available. Store fuel and equipment out of reach so it will not get flooded

  • Have extra batteries for flashlights and radios and charge the mobile phone.

  • Make sure equipment inside and outside the house is stored away or secured and be sure to reinforce openings. Flying debris from hurricane winds can cause major damage.

  • Ensure your pets and livestock are safe. Make plans for feed, water, housing, transportation, destination, expenses.

  • Check on animals and property for damage after the storm. Ventilation, water supply, feed supply, structural repairs should be assessed in that order.

See this brochure on Flood Safety from the National Weather Service.