Renew a GATE Card

2024 - 2026 (expired 2023)

If your GATE certificate expired on December 31, 2023, renew for 2024-2026 here.  The cost to renew is $150. 

Please note that if your business name, primary contact, or physical address has changed from what is on your card, you will need to email to get that corrected before you renew. You can change all other contact information while you renew.

Other years

If your certificate expires in 2024 or later, a new plastic card for 2024 was mailed to you at the beginning of November.  You do not need to take any other action.


You have 45 days after paying for a card to notify GDA if you have not received your card in the mail. If you do not contact us within that period you will need to pay a fee of $30 for a replacement card.