HGM Label Requirements

Required Contents of the Horticultural Growing Media Label

A. Full Product name as registered

B. Volume or weight as registered

C. All Physical Components listed in order of decreasing amount, by volume, with the percentage of the primary component listed as a 10% range of the total volume:

1. Organic substances (i.e. bark, peat, wood, manure, leaf mold, sawdust, etc.):

a. Bark: "soft" or "hardwood"

b. Peat: "sphagnum", "hypnum", "reed-sedge", "humus", or "other" peat

c. All organic substances: "raw", "aged", "processed", or "composted"

2. Inorganic substances: sand, gravel, perlite, vermiculite, etc.

D. Intended Use(s) statements

E. General Fertilizer recommendations: minimum recommendation would indicate at what time after planting the product required additional fertilizer, or whether the product required the addition of fertilizer

F. Full Address for further information

G. Telephone number or hotline for further information

H. Products intended for Commercial growers: date of manufacture or manufacture's code

Sample Label

Sample Label with Minimum Information:

  • Product Name: "Potting Soil"
  • Volume or Weight: Cubic Feet/ Qua11s/ Yards/ Ounces/ or Pounds
  • Physical Components as "defined" and listed in decreasing volume:
    • Canadian "Sphagnum" Peat Moss (50-60%)
      "Aged Softwood" Bark or "Aged Pine" Bark "Composted" Manure
      "Raw" Leaf Mold Vermiculite Perlite
      Other (Less than 3% of total volume does not have to be listed)
  • Intended Uses: vegetable transplants, flowering potted plants, seed germination, bedding plants
  • Fertilizer Recommendations: With this product begin fertilization with a complete balanced fe11ilizer within one week of seed germination, root initiation, or transplanting. Specific fertilizer and rates should be applied in accordance with current h011icultural literature. A routine soil testing program is highly recommended prior to initiating any fertilizer program, etc...
  • Company/Business Name Street Address or P.O. Box City, State, Zip Code
  • Phone Number: For further assistance, please call toll free at 1-800-000-0000
  • Date of Manufacture: 0000-X0-5122 (Lot number-Product Code-Julian Date:122nd day of2005)