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Be extremely careful when purchasing or adopting an animal over the internet. There are multiple pet scams that seek to deceive unsuspecting pet lovers. It is common for these criminals to offer the pet for free or at a discounted rate and then require a deposit to ship the animal or to release it from quarantine.

Pet dealers, transports and animal rescues doing business in Georgia are required to have a license from The Georgia Department of Agriculture. If they are selling animals over the internet they may also be required to hold a U.S.D.A. license.

Many of these scam artists are from foreign countries and it will be almost impossible for you to get your money back from them. Never wire money by means such as western union to these individuals. Please research your purchase thoroughly. To check for valid license holders visit


Companion Animal/Equine Section

Contact: phone M-F from 8:00am - 4:30pm
Companion animal issues (404) 656-4914
Equine issues - (404)-656-3713
Animal Cruelty - Please contact local law enforcement

The Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Companion Animal and Equine Program employs a professional workforce dedicated to the education, regulation, and licensing of anyone who sells, breeds, trains, boards, grooms, rescues, or shelters companion animals or equines. To ensure local animal issues are addressed appropriately, the Program coordinates with and provides guidance to local law enforcement and other local government officials.

Who is required to have a license?

What Steps are Necessary to Become Licensed?

Animal Protection Rules and Regulations

Humane Care for Equines Act 4-13-1

FAQ´s Concerning Animal Cruelty

Interstate Shipment

Regulation and Enforcement

Shelter Data Reporting

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Anyone wishing to apply for a pet dealers, stable, bird dealers, kennel or animal shelter license must Apply Online. As of January 1, 2019 we will no longer accept paper applications for new licenses or renewals.

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