Animal Complaints

Thank you for notifying the GDA about your concerns. We value the health and welfare of all animals, and we aim to resolve problems as quickly as possible. You must identify yourself in the complaint form; we cannot accept anonymous complaints. Please provide accurate and verifiable contact information and fill out all fields.

GDA can investigate only complaints about businesses licensed to handle livestock, poultry, or companion animals. Check whether a business is licensed by GDA on our licensee search page.

Submit Your Complaint for Pets or Equine Here

Submit Your Complaint for Livestock or Poultry Here

Equines only: If you want to report cruelty or neglect of horses or other equines, submit your complaint above. 

If you want to report cruelty or neglect of any other animals, contact your local law enforcement agency. For lost or straying animals, contact your local animal control agency. See our page with details on how to submit an animal cruelty report.

We cannot share information about ongoing investigations. Once our investigation is complete, you can view the outcome by submitting an open records request.