About Recalls

GDA has a list of Recalls in Georgia, covering recall notices for food and feed products distributed or produced in Georgia.  This list is updated weekly.  You can also sign up for weekly notifications using the link on the sidebar.

When a product is recalled, it’s removed from the market because it’s defective or potentially harmful. Here’s some information about recalls that explains how they’re handled by manufacturers and retailers, and what’s expected of the consumer.

The Food & Drug Administration has the FDA Recall Resources page with information for industry, retailers, and consumers.

CONSUMERS: Keep track of recalls and their effect on your family, friends, pets or livestock. If you think you’ve purchased a recalled product, don’t use it. Follow the instructions in the recall notice. Here are some tips from the Partnership for Food Safety Education.

MANUFACTURERS: All food manufacturers in Georgia must conduct finished product and ingredient testing. Any positive test results must be reported to the GDA within 24 hours (see contact information below). See GDA's Manufacturer Guide to Product Recalls.

RETAILERS: see GDA's Retailer Guide to Product Recalls, and the FMI Guidance for Retailers.

If you think you’re suffering from food poisoning, contact your local health department and your primary care physician.