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Under the authority of the Georgia Hemp Farming Act, the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) is authorized to regulate the cultivation and processing of hemp in the State of Georgia.

"IMPORTANT REMINDER: Each Licensed Hemp Grower is required (40-32-2-.10 of the Georgia Hemp Growers and Processors Rule GA - GAC - Chapter 40-32. HEMP GROWERS AND PROCESSORS) to provide crop information to the USDA Farm Service Agency (or FSA). The deadline established by FSA for reporting this information is July 31, 2022. Please visit if you are unsure how to contact your local FSA office."

Hemp Processor Permit Application
Hemp Grower License Application
Hemp Processor Permit Application
Hemp Grower License Application




The background check process has changed. No background checks will be accepted unless the Department has sent specific authorization to the applicant. If you are currently applying and have not completed your background check, please wait to do so until the Department has notified you. Please disregard any previous instructions that you may have downloaded.

Hemp License Change Request Instructions
GDA Department-Approved Hemp Sampling Agent Letter
GA Hemp Farming Act (2-23-1)
Georgia Hemp Grower and Processor Rules
FDA Regulation of Cannabis and Cannabis-Derived Products, Including Cannabidiol (CBD)
USDA Hemp Production Program Questions and Answers
Hemp and CBD in Human Food and Animal Feed
Transportation of Hemp: Frequently Asked Questions
Legal Property Description Examples


Hemp Processor Application Guide
Hemp Processor Sampling and Testing Guidelines
2022 Approved Hemp Processors


Hemp Grower License Application Instructions
2021 Hemp Annual Grower Report Guide
2022 FSA Reporting and Annual Report Letter
Georgia Hemp Grower Plan
Pesticide Products Registered for Use on Hemp

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