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Seed Arbitration Complaint Form


For all seed complaints between a purchaser and seller, the purchaser must file an arbitration complaint against the seller in accordance with the Georgia Seed Law as a prerequisite to initiating any legal action.


When any farmer or seed purchaser alleges to have been damaged by the failure of any agricultural, flower, tree, shrub, or vegetable seed, except for vegetable and flower seed in packets weighing less than one pound for use in home gardens or household plantings, to conform to or perform as represented by the label required to be attached to such seed under Code Section 2-11-22 or by warranty or as a result of negligence, as a prerequisite to the purchaser’s right to maintain a legal action against the seller, the purchaser shall submit a complaint against the seller alleging the damages sustained or to be sustained and shall file such complaint with the Commissioner within ten days after the alleged defect or violation becomes apparent to allow inspection of the alleged deficiencies if deemed necessary.




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