Georgia Department of Agriculture

Rule change to clarify pricing at Georgia gasoline pumps

The Georgia Department of Agriculture held the second public hearing today on a proposed change to the rules regarding signage at gas stations about the posted price of gasoline. The hearing was held at the Savannah Farmers Market and was preceded by a public hearing in Atlanta on Tuesday.

Companies offering “club” or “member” prices will need to place a sticker on the gasoline pump to let customers know about the price difference and what customers can do to get the discount price.

“This rule change clarifies prices for the consumer and makes sure that motorists know exactly what they are paying when they pull up at the pump so there will be no misunderstanding,” said Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Gary W. Black.

“One of the most important regular purchases for Georgians is gasoline for the family car or work vehicle. The Georgia Department of Agriculture is charged with ensuring that consumers get the proper quantity and grade of gasoline or motor fuel as well as preventing what may be viewed as deceptive advertising,” said Commissioner Black. “Objective, clear rules provide the best protection for consumers and fair procedures for marketers.”

The Georgia Department of Agriculture will forward the proposed rule change to the Secretary of State’s office. It will take effect 20 days after the Secretary of State reviews it. 

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