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Request for proposals for milk and dairy promotion funding from the Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Milk



Request for proposals for milk and dairy promotion funding from the Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Milk


DUE Date: May 1, 2021

Proposals should be sent to Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Milk (ACCM)
Attn: Andy Harrison
Georgia Department of Agriculture
19 MLK Jr. Dr. SW Room 324 Atlanta, GA 30334

Emailed proposals formatted as a PDF are preferred. Funding decisions are expected to be made during the next subsequent ACCM Board of Directors meeting in May. Organizations that submit proposals are welcomed to also make an in-person presentation to the Board during a public meeting. If you wish to make an in-person presentation, please check here _______, and state how long you anticipate you will need for your presentation _____________________ (Time Requested). The meeting duration is limited, so organizations may not be allotted the entire amount of time requested. If your proposal includes multiple projects, you are encouraged to list each project separately.

The Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Milk (ACCM) is responsible for the administration of the Georgia state dairy promotional checkoff. This checkoff was established in 1961 under the Georgia Commodities Promotion Act. This allows Georgia dairy producers to keep 10 cents of the 15-cent dairy promotion checkoff at the state level. By federal law, the remainder is sent to the national checkoff group, Dairy Management Inc.
For ACCM to operate as an organization, at least a two-thirds majority (67%) of the Georgia dairy producers voting must vote in favor for the continuation of GA ACCM. This referendum is held every three years. In 2019, voting producers unanimously approved the continuation of the state checkoff program (100 percent) until 2022.
The GA ACCM Board of Directors consists of five Georgia dairy producers and one representative to vote on behalf of Commissioner Gary Black. By law, the Governor appoints an ex-officio committee who then appoints the producers, from a pool of applicants, to serve on each GA commodity commission Board.
The purpose of the GA ACCM is to fund research, education, and promotion programs that increase awareness and raise demand for Georgia milk and dairy products. GA ACCM engages in numerous projects promoting milk and educating the consumer on the importance and nutritional value of dairy products in their diets.
The overall goals of the organization are to:

  • Fund research, education, and promotion programs that increase awareness and raise demand for Georgia milk and dairy products, and
  • Encourage the consumption of milk by acquainting consumers and others with the advantages and economy of using more of such products.

Thank you for submitting a proposal for ACCM to consider.  Please complete the enclosed form and provide complete transparency of how your organization will utilize funding to complete your project and meet our organization goals.  Deadline for all submissions is May 1, 2021.


  1. Name of Project: _______________________________________________________________________
  1. This Project addresses the following overall priority of the ACCM Board:


  • Increase the consumption of dairy products by youth (lunches, breakfasts, and other offerings)
  • Promote uniqueness of, and increase sales of, the milk food supply chain through various distribution channels including but not limited to, e-commerce, curb-side sales, etc.


  • Improve the image of dairy products and/or dairy producers among consumers.
  • Educate dairy producers on ways to improve the consumption of milk by highlighting their sustainability story to consumers.


  • Increase the sales and consumption of milk in the US.
  • Participate in national programs influencing increased consumption of milk and dairy products.


If your project is not included in a description above but has the potential to benefit Georgia dairy producers, please explain here:



  1. Description of the project:





  1. Specific Goal of the Project:



  1. How will this specific goal be measured to determine accomplishment? Please list the “key performance indicators” that will be used to measure the success of the project.




  1. How will this project benefit Georgia dairy producers and industry?



  1. Proposed cost of this project, including Overhead / Administration costs. Please list the costs, by category. For Example:

Salaries _____________________________________________________________



Other (please specify)__________________________________________________

Total Proposed Costs:__________________________________________________

  1. List of Key personnel & brief description of their qualifications.




  1. Signature of authorized representative & date. ________________________________________________
  1. Name of Company____________________________________ 

Address ____________________________________________
Phone Number__________________    Email of key contact___________________________

Measurement of Projects Upon Completion:
The driving question the ACCM Board will use to measure each project is: “Does the project effectively promotes fluid milk in Georgia?”
The criteria below will be used by the Board to evaluate each program.  

Rating: Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations, Does Not Meet Expectations, Missing/Incomplete

Executive Summary

Provides a concise, thorough overview and effectively outlines main points of their marketing project  

Project Analysis

Identifies segments, trends, and outlook of industry. Target market and consumer demographics defined by company. Competitive and unique advantages provided. 

Program Management

Timetables provided for implementation of project. Quarterly updates of project progress provided to ACCM. Budget provided to ACCM at the initial start of project.

Financial Analysis

Income statement of program provided to ACCM at end of project. All funds accounted for at the completion of the project—provides complete transparency of funds spent.  

Completion of Project

Project completed in a timely manner. Successes and failures identified and shared with ACCM. Company provided tangible results to Board and recommendations for next step.  

Creativity and Efficacy of Project

Project proved to be innovative and effective. Did project answer the driving question identified by the ACCM Board of Directors?

All projects must be authorized by USDA:
All ACCM funded projects much be authorized by the USDA National Dairy Promotion and Research Board before implementation. Qualified Programs are state, regional, or importer organizations that conduct a dairy product promotion, research, or nutrition education program, authorized by Federal or State law, or that were active programs prior to the Dairy Production Stabilization Act of 1983 (Dairy Act). Please contact Jill Hoover, Deputy Director, Promotion, Research and Planning Division, Dairy Program, Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA, 1400 Independence Ave., S.W., Stop 0233, Room 2958-S, Washington, D.C. 20250-0233, or via email at
A copy of the DAIRY PROMOTION AND RESEARCH ORDER (Revised 2016) can be found online at . Please review the federal law before applying for approval with USDA.
Additional Information:
Eligible applicants include private businesses that are not affiliated with ACCM, non-profit entities and research institutions. Project proposals may not promote a specific brand or trade name. Only reasonable and actual costs directly associated with the implementation of approved projects that are incurred during the contract period up to the amount awarded will be reimbursed. Payments can be made on an advance basis for not-for-profit organizations, once reconciled with allowable costs. While the ACCM will consider multi-year proposals, funding awards will only be made for one year at a time since the Board’s source of funds varies. This also allows the ACCM to consider the effectiveness of the project. ACCM will expect that organizations who are successful in receiving ACCM funding for their work will acknowledge ACCM support in any publication reporting results of the sponsored project. In addition, ACCM requires electronic copies of final reports, which ACCM may use in describing the project and its results in any publication or on the web.

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