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New impound facility to host first equine auction of 2012

“Second Chance” event at Lee Arrendale Equine Center scheduled March 31

Georgia’s fourth equine impound facility officially opened in October 2011 during a ribbon cutting event at the Lee Arrendale Equine Center in Alto. This month, the center will host its first equine auction, also the first auction held for the year.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) will conduct the live auction Saturday, March 31, at the Lee Arrendale Equine Center located at the Lee Arrendale State Prison on Mt. Zion Road in Alto.

“When this facility opened through our joint partnership with the Georgia Department of Corrections, the GDA could not be more excited about this opportunity,” said Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black. “This program not only rescues horses in Georgia but also provides rehabilitation, new skill sets and positive relationships between the inmates and the horses. We look forward to sharing the first equine auction at this location with horse lovers across Georgia and welcome a great crowd this weekend.”

The following equine have been part of the state’s impound program and rehabilitated by GDA Equine Health staff. These horses will be available for bidding (note, sealed bids will not be accepted) on March 31:
- Rosie, 9 years old sorrel TWH registered, mare
- Chaz, 15 years old, grey grade gelding
- Cher, 12 years old, bay grade mare
- Curly, 4 years old, grey grade gelding
- Larry, 6 years old, bay grade gelding
- Moe, 15 years old, roan appaloosa grade gelding

“All of these horses are accustomed to being ridden and are a great find for both novice and seasoned riders alike,” said MAT Thompson, Equine Manager for the GDA. “We look forward to a successful first equine auction for 2012 and will be scheduling more events throughout the year at our other facilities located across Georgia.”

Attendees may inspect equine at the facility beginning at 10 a.m. and the auction will start at 11 a.m. All horses must be picked up from the facility by April 1.

Note: The GDA reserves the right to add or withdraw equines to or from any auction. Successful bidders should be prepared to tender the price of equine by cashier’s check, money order or a personal check accompanied by a letter of bank approval. If a successful bidder fails to tender the price as required, the GDA may refuse to accept any other bids made by the successful bidder at this any future auction.

For more information, contact the Equine Health office at 404-656-3713 (open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.). Click here to learn more about the program and facilities, and watch a short video clip about the ribbon cutting event held the Lee Arrendale Equine Center in 2011. 

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