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Notice of Intent to Consider the Adoption of Amendments to the Rules of the Georgia Department of Agriculture, Animal Industry Division

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Pursuant to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, O.C.G.A. § 4-4-2, notice is hereby given that the Georgia Department of Agriculture Animal Industry Division will be considering the adoption of an amendment to Departmental Rule 40-13-2 regarding health requirements for interstate movement of animals and 40-13-4 relating to infectious and contagious diseases. The Department will be accepting written comments from July 21, 2011, to close of business (4:30 p.m. EDT) on August 22, 2011.


Bovine trichomoniasis is a venereal disease affecting cattle that can cause substantial reproductive problems and is a major cause of infertility in naturally bred cattle in many areas of the world. This disease has resulted in significant losses in cattle herds, particularly in the western states. Since bovine trichomoniasis has been found in several western states, the Department is proposing to adopt certain rules to add bovine trichomoniasis to the list of reportable diseases and to provide for certain testing requirements relating to this disease. The Department feels that the proposed rule change is necessary to prevent this disease from entering Georgia.

The Department is proposing to add Rule 40-13-2-.07, entitled “Bovine Trichomoniasis,” to require testing of all virgin and non-virgin bulls 18 months of age and older before entering Georgia. The rule would require bulls to test negative within 30 days prior to entering the state. The remainder of the rule would be renumbered to reflect this insertion.

The proposed rule would prevent bulls from having contact with female cattle between the test and importation into Georgia. Bulls comingled with cows after testing would be required to be retested. All bulls must be identified with a U.S.D.A. approved ear tag, registry brand, or registry tattoo. The rule would further provide that the collection of samples must be conducted by an accredited veterinarian and that animals must be identified on an official test chart.

The proposed rule would allow the State Veterinarian to exempt certain bulls from the Trichomoniasis testing requirements when it is determined that such animals do not pose a risk for introduction of trichomoniasis into Georgia. This would include: exhibition and rodeo bulls that are temporally in the state for an event with no comingling of female cattle and will be leaving immediately after the event; bulls going directly to slaughter or being sold to go directly to slaughter; bulls being transported through Georgia in interstate commerce and not offloaded and comingled with female cattle; and virgin bulls under 18 months of age, as determined by breed registry records or the absence of permanent central incisor teeth in wear, which must be accompanied by a breeder’s certificate signed by the owner, owner’s representative, or accredited veterinarian.

The Department is also proposing to add “Bovine Trichomoniasis” to rule 40-13-4-.02(3), the list of reportable diseases. This would require any person to report the presence of bovine trichomoniasis to the Department if found. The Department is further proposing to add new rule 40-13-4-.05, which would require that animals being tested for trichomoniasis to be separated from all other bovine. The proposed rule would further provide that animals testing positive for this disease must be slaughtered and recorded on Form VS 1-27. The slaughtering of animals testing positive is necessary since there is no known therapeutic agent for treating this disease and no cure. The remainder of the Rule will be renumbered to reflect the insertion of Rule

Interested persons may call or submit a written request to obtain a copy of the proposed rule. Please submit written comments to:

Dr. C. Carter Black
State Veterinarian
Georgia Department of Agriculture
19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, Room 106
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Telephone: (404) 656-3671
FAX: (404) 657-1357

The Department will be accepting written comments from July 21, 2011, to close of business (4:30 p.m. EDT) on August 22, 2011. Comments will be considered on August 23, 2011. You may download a copy of the proposed rules from the section to the right.
This notice is given in accordance with the Georgia Administrative Procedure Act, O.C.G.A. §50-13-4.

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