Ga Dept of Agriculture


Laboratory Division

Dr. Carrie Crabtree
Division Director and State Chemist

(229) 386-4118

Jenny Eidson
Food Safety Program Manager, Atlanta

Adam Gilleland
Dairy Laboratory Program Manager


Dedria Smith
Seed Laboratory Program Director

Ametra Berry
Fertilizer and Feed Laboratory Program Manager

David Au
State Fuel Chemist, Tifton

Timothy Harsey
Fuel Lab, Tifton

Stan Diffie
State Metrologist, Tifton

The Laboratory Division of the Georgia Department of Agriculture is divided into eight laboratory units in two state locations. The Food Microbiology, Dairy, and Grade Meat A Laboratories are located in the Agriculture Building in Atlanta. The Feed Laboratory, Fertilizer Laboratory, Seed Laboratory, Metrology Laboratory, Fuel & Oil Laboratory, and Pesticide Laboratories which includes Food Residues, Use/misuse, and Pesticide Formulations are located in Tifton, Georgia.