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Georgia Poultry Improvements Association Celebrates 80 Years of Service to Georgia’s Poultry


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Press Release
Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Office of Communications

Georgia Poultry Improvements Association Celebrates 80 Years of Service to Georgia’s Poultry

The Georgia Poultry Improvements Association (GPIA) has been committed to Georgia’s poultry industry for 80 years. GPIA was created in the mid-1930s with the task to irradiate pullorum and prepare Georgia’s poultry industry for growth. Dr. Louise Dufour-Zavala and the Georgia Poultry Improvement Association continue to dedicate research and community outreach to protect Georgia’s flocks from Avian Influenza and various other diseases.

"We are proud to be a vital part of this important industry,” Dr. Louise Dufour-Zavala, Executive Director. “It is our job to work with our partners to help protect our poultry through research and testing. We are happy to say that we have done that successfully for over 80 years and look forward to continuing that effort for the next 80 years and beyond."

Poultry-egg production and processing contributed $25.5 billion to the state in 2014 and nearly 103,700 jobs.1 The association provides stability and security for a major part of the world’s poultry production and receives nominal state investment.

"I am extremely proud of the overwhelming success of the Georgia Poultry Improvement Association”, Commissioner Black says. “The work that has been accomplished over the years has aided Georgia in becoming the number one state for the poultry industry and another prime example of why Georgia is the number one place to do business." As the needs of Georgia’s poultry industry changes, GPIA will continue to be a steadfast source for efficient and reliable information. The Georgia Poultry Improvement Association understands its primary objective is consumer protection ensuring bird health on a scientific level.


1 Based on 2014 Georgia Farm Gate Value Report

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