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Georgia Department of Agriculture protecting you at the pump

With gas prices around the nation on the rise, Georgia Department of Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black wants to remind Georgians and all visitors passing through the state about the importance of the Department’s Fuel and Measures Division.

“Labor Day is the last of our summer holiday weekends, and nearly 90 percent of all travelers enjoying the long weekend will get in their cars to get to their final destination,” Black said. “As we fuel up and make our way to these destinations, we want to ensure that when a consumer visits the pump, they are getting what they pay for; that a gallon is a true gallon and is the proper quality and cost according to our state’s regulations.”

Through regulatory inspections, the Fuel and Measures Division protects consumers by verifying the quality and quantity of motor fuels and field operations, including testing accuracy and certification of retail gas pumps, propane dispensers and wholesale petroleum meters through routine inspections. The Georgia Fuel Laboratory based in Tifton, Ga., tests samples of all motor fuels sold in Georgia for purity, performance, octane rating and other quality standards. If a problem is reported, that station is inspected immediately, with routine follow up inspections until any problems are corrected.

Rich Lewis, Director of Fuel and Measures, said most complaints generally fall into a few basic categories: Quality of the gas, measurement complaints and questions about advertising.

“All gas sold in Georgia must meet exactly the same specifications with all stations fall under the same regulations,” Black continued. “If you experience any type of problem at a station, we urge you to give our office a call so we can send out an inspector to investigate your problem. If a problem is confirmed, the affected pumps will be locked down until that problem is corrected.”

If any Georgia residents or visitors passing through encounter an issue with gasoline purchased from a gas station here in Georgia, please contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture at 1-800-282-5852 or contact the Fuel and Measures office during normal business hours at 404-656-3605. Price gouging should be reported to the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection at 1-800-869-1123.

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