Ga Dept of Agriculture


Fuel & Measures Division

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Our State regulatory authority for weights and measures was originally issued by Congress in 1781 under the Articles of Confederation which mandated each state maintain uniformity in weight and measure standards. Georgia petroleum laws were enacted in 1927 and originally administered by the Department of Revenue before being transferred to the Department of Agriculture in 1972.   

Through regulatory inspections, the Fuel and Measures Division protects consumers by verifying the accuracy of weights and measures used in commercial transactions, the quality and quantity of motor fuels and the enforcement of grain, cotton and tobacco laws.

Programs administered by the fuel and measures division include, the regulatory field inspection, the state fuel oil laboratory and the state weights laboratory.

Fuel and measures licenses and registrations include, certified public weigher, propane and scale mechanic licenses, grain moisture meter registrations and operator's licenses, and service station and antifreeze registrations.

Fuel and measures' field operations include testing accuracy and certification of commercial weighing devices, retail gas pumps, propane dispensers and wholesale petroleum meters.