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Emergency Rule Allowing Regulated Parties to Supply Gasoline

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 DATE: September 13, 2018


Under the authority granted to the Commissioner of Agriculture as the State’s chief oil inspector, and due to recent events creating gasoline supply disruptions, the Commissioner has determined that an Emergency Rule is hereby necessary to facilitate the replacement of gasoline supplies in Georgia.

Georgia Rule 40-20-1-.01 entitled “Standards for Petroleum Products” requires the use of gasoline meeting Class A-2 and/or AA-2 volatility specifications between August 1 and September 15 for the State of Georgia. Based on information collected regarding Hurricane Florence, the Georgia Department of Agriculture has determined that an Emergency Rule allowing regulated parties to supply gasoline meeting Class C-3 volatility specifications (per ASTM D4814-18) during this time period is necessary to ensure and protect the public welfare. The Emergency Rule is effective immediately and will remain in effect through September 15, 2018.

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