Ga Dept of Agriculture


Commodities Promotion

Andy Harrison
Commodity Commissions Manager

Tele: (404)-586-1405
Fax: (404) 656-9380

Food and Nutrition- Our home economist tests and develops recipes for the various Agricultural Commodity Commissions as well as testing the reader recipes for the Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin. She is prepared to answer consumer questions regarding food preparation, food safety and nutritional concerns.

Commodity Commissions- We administer twelve (12) state Agricultural Commodity Commissions. These are farmer funded, self-help programs. The assessments supports programs in the areas of research, education and promotion on behalf of the respective commodity.

The Commodity Commissions are as follows:

 ACC for Apples
 ACC for Beef
 ACC for Blueberries
 ACC for Corn
 ACC for Cotton
 ACC for Equine
 ACC for Milk
 ACC for Peach
 ACC for Pecans
 ACC for Soybeans
 ACC for Tobacco
 ACC for Vegetables

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