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Company recalls candy due to elevated lead levels

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Circle City Marketing and Distributing, doing business as Candy Dynamics, Indianapolis, IN, is recalling all Toxic Waste® brand Nuclear Sludge® products, all flavors, 0.3 ounce (8 grams) size pieces. The product is imported from Pakistan.

The company previously recalled Toxic Waste Brand® Nuclear Sludge®, net wt. 0.7 oz (20g) size, all flavors. With this recall of the smaller piece size, the company has now recalled all products labeled as "Nuclear Sludge®".

Further testing by the company indicates that while some of the smaller sized products were below the FDA limit, some contain elevated levels of lead (0.101 parts per million to .311 ppm; the U.S. FDA tolerance is 0.1 ppm) that potentially could cause health problems, particularly for infants, small children and pregnant women.

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