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2011 Press Releases

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12/12/2011  Pets for Christmas not the best gift idea

11/01/2011  November is National Georgia Pecan Month

10/28/2011  "Feed My School for a Week" pilot program launched

10/24/2011  Georgia Agriculture Commissioner commends National FFA Southern Region vice president

10/17/2011 New "Georgia Grown" Campaign launches during the 2011 PMA Fresh Summit Convention

10/10/2011 Georgia legislators face off in the first Legislative Livestock Showdown

10/06/2011 State agencies unite for farm equipment safety on Georgia roads

10/05/2011 Keeping rural roads safe for us all

09/08/2011 Commissioner reminds ag chemical dealers,users to stay vigilant with security measures

09/08/2011 Dairy recalls 240 gallons of milk due to improper pasteurization

08/04/2011 Arkansas firm recalls ground turkey products due to possible salmonella contamination

07/25/2011  Texas firm recalls papayas due to possible Salmonella contamination

07/22/2011  Georgia beekeepers offered new weapon to combat varroa mites, their worst adversary

07/07/2011  Commodity commissions for cotton and tobacco accepting nominations for board members

06/28/2011  California company recalls imported drink products due to unlisted milk

06/27/2011 New Jersey firm recalls imported ham products

06/24/2011  Hot summer months put cats & dogs at risk

06/21/2011  Norcross, Ga., creamery recalls mozzarella

06/20/2011  Herring recalled due to botulism potential

06/20/2011  Caesar salad dressing recalled for unlisted ingredients

06/14/2011  Africanized honeybees found & destroyed in Bainbridge

06/06/2011  Simply Thick LLC recalls some thickening gel products manufactured in Stone Mountain, Ga.

06/02/2011 Georgia Agriculture Commissioner encourages consumers to remember food safety this summer

05/20/2011  Quenby Hall Blue Stilton Cheese recalled due to possible health risk

05/18/2011  Illinois Firm Recalls Vanilla Bean Paste

05/10/2011  Georgia company producing new peanut product for malnourished children worldwide

05/02/2011  Georgia Agriculture Commissioner urges residents to use licensed pesticide professionals to control bedbugs

04/08/2011  Georgia Agriculture Commissioner reminds residents about termite control and prevention this spring

04/06/2011  Five Georgia counties receive disaster designation

04/04/2011  Court-ordered extension for new pesticide permits is good news, says Georgia Agriculture Commissioner

04/04/2011  Minnesota firm recalls turkey burger products due to possible Salmonella contamination

03/30/2011  California firm recalls pizza products due to mislabeling and undeclared allergen

03/30/2011  Vidalia® Onions are coming April 18

03/29/2011  Spring cleaning should include your kitchen, says Georgia Agriculture Commissioner

03/28/2011  Candy Dynamics recalls Toxic Waste® Short Circuits™ Bubble Gum

03/25/2011  Flavor of Georgia contest winners announced

03/25/2011  ‘Red Bean Bread’ recalled for undeclared egg ingredient

03/23/2011  Lakeside Foods recalls Pickled Sliced Beets that may cause food poisoning

03/18/2011  Kashi recalls mislabeled product

03/18/2011  Decision to end popular pesticide 'not good news' says Ag Commissioner

03/12/2011  Consumer complaint leads to recall of O.N.E. Coconut Water

03/10/2011  McCormick & Company recalls Seafood Batter Mix due to milk not listed on the label

03/08/2011  Teavana recalls Peppermint Organic Herbal Tea because of possible bacteria contamination

03/07/2011  DeFranco and Sons recalls Hazelnuts and Mixed Nuts due to possible E. coli contamination

03/04/2011  Johnston Family Farms recalls milk products that may not be pasteurized correctly

03/04/2011  Imported Gourmet Family product recalled for possible botulinum contamination

03/02/2011  2011 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program - Farm Bill

02/17/2011  Some Garden of Eatin’® tortilla chips recalled

02/14/2011  Best of Georgia’s youngest horsemen celebrate Equine Championship Day Feb. 16

02/11/2011  Company recalls smoothies due to potential peanut content

02/11/2011  Scottish company recalls smoked salmon

02/01/2011  Breaded okra recalled due to unlisted milk ingredient

02/01/2011  Ag Commissioner Gary Black offers Super Bowl party food safety tips

02/01/2011  Company recalls candy due to elevated lead levels

02/01/2011  Keebler® recalls some mislabeled Fudge Sticks

01/31/2011  Publix Premium Light Tiramisu Ice Cream recalled due to unlisted almonds

01/28/2011  Kerosene sold at eight Kangaroo stores possibly volatile and should not be used

01/27/2011  State Garden recalls all salad products due to potential Listeria contamination

01/26/2011  Kerosene sold at Monroe convenience store possibly volatile and should not be used

01/26/2011  Two Ian’s Wheat Free products recalled for potential Listeria contamination

01/25/2011  Some Mrs. Friday’s Calamari Rings recalled for peanut contamination

01/24/2011  Kerosene sold at Covington Quick Spot possibly volatile and should not be used

01/20/2011  Some Valu Time Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips recalled for milk not listed on packaging

01/18/2011  Kroger Value Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips recalled for milk not listed on product label

01/14/2011  Imported chew bars recalled for lead levels 

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