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Commodity commissions for cotton and tobacco accepting nominations for board members

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Cotton and the Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Tobacco will accept nominations to fill several positions on each board. In order to be nominated, a person must be a Georgia producer of that commodity.

Nominations can be made by filling out a Nominee Information Form, available at Farm Services Administration (FSA) offices, and sending it to the Georgia Department of Agriculture, Room 328, Agriculture Building, 19 MLK Jr. Drive, Atlanta, GA 30334 or via fax to 404-656-9380. This is a change from how nominating procedures were done in the past. The deadline for submitting nominations is July, 27, 2011.

The nominees will be certified to ensure they are an active cotton or tobacco producer in Georgia. Appointments to these boards will be made on August 8, 2011 by the ex-officio committee of each commodity. Geographic representation will be considered when making appointments. Producers with questions may contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture at 404-656-3678.

Agricultural commodity commissions are farmer-funded self-help programs to enhance research, promotion and education. They are authorized in Georgia law under the Commodity Promotions Act. Farmers vote every three years to determine whether they wish to continue a commission (i.e. peach farmers vote on whether they wish to continue the peach commission.)

The Georgia Department of Agriculture administers 12 state agricultural commodity commissions for the following items: apples, blueberries, corn, cotton, eggs, equine, milk, peaches, pecans, soybeans, tobacco and vegetables. Georgia growers who wish to create a commodity commission for their crop should contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture


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