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Georgia Department of Agriculture

Exporting Agricultural Products to Other States in the US

Each state within the U.S. has its own regulations governing the entry of plants, agricultural commodities, or other items they determine pose a risk of spreading pests of concern to their state. Some states require a shipper to have a state phytosanitary certificate to accompany the shipment.  When a state phytosanitary certificate is issued, it assures the receiving state that a state inspector has inspected the items to be shipped and found them to be in good health and free of pests. Not all agricultural commodities require a state phytosanitary certificate and each state‚Äôs requirements are different. Contact GDA before shipping an agricultural commodity to another state to determine if a certificate is required by the destination state.

GDA also offers its agricultural producers the opportunity to participate in various commodity export certification programs which have been specifically designed to facilitate the export of specific commodities to states that regulate Georgia for certain pests.  For more information on these programs contact:

David Williams
Phone:  229-386-3464

For State Phytosanitary Certificate Application click here.
For Certification Fees click here.

National Plant Board State Regulations:

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