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Georgia Department of Agriculture

Subscription Requests

The Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin is published biweekly (every two weeks) by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Subscriptions are available online, by phone, or via U.S. Mail.

Subscriptions are available at a cost of $10 per year vis U.S. Mail or online. To start a new subscription using your credit or debit card, fill in your information using the online subscription payment form, or you can subscribe by phone. For the $10/year subscription fee subscribers will not only receive a copy of the Bulletin by U.S. Mail every two weeks (26 issues/year), but they also will have access to all online content and will be able to submit ads online.

To renew an existing subscription using your credit or debit card, fill in your information using the online subscription payment form, or you can renew by phone. You can also renew your subscription by sending a check or money order payable to Market Bulletin, along with your name, complete mailing address and daytime phone number (in the event the Bulletin office needs to contact you concerning your subscription) to the following address:

Market Bulletin
Georgia Department of Agriculture
19 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SW
Atlanta, GA 30334-4250

If you have an existing subscription to the printed and mailed version and you are not sure when it is due to expire, look at your mailing address label (located in the bottom left corner of the front page of your Bulletin) to determine when your subscription is up for renewal. The expiration date is located to the right of your subscriber number (the 9-digit number between the 2 # symbols directly above your name).

 If you are having trouble accessing or subscribing through the web site please call us at (404) 586-1190 or email us at Many questions can be answered by visiting our FAQ.

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