Ga Dept of Agriculture


Regulations & Enforcement

The Animal Protection Section was created to enforce the Animal Protection Act and the Bird Dealers Licensing Act that require certain standards of care for kennels, pet dealers, bird dealers, and animal shelters.

  • The Animal Protection Act provides standards to which everyone who produces, sells, boards, trains, grooms, offers for adoption, or exchanges pet animals must adhere.
  • The Bird Dealers Licensing Act provides standards for the sale of exotic and pet birds.

Inspectors may issue stop sale/movement/use orders for failing to adhere to the standards set forth in the Animal Protection and Bird Dealers Licensing Act.  Quarantines are issued when communicable disease is diagnosed, or when exposure to such disease is suspected.  When quarantines are issued, all sick or exposed animals must be held in isolation and treated appropriately until a licensed veterinarian deems them free of disease.

Other penalties for non-compliance with the Georgia Animal Protection Act include licensee probation, revocation of licenses and/or monetary fines.  Failure to comply with the Animal Protection Act or Bird Dealers Licensing Act is a misdemeanor.

* Rabies control and enforcement is coordinated through local animal control offices and health departments.  The Georgia Department of Agriculture has no regulatory authority over rabies.  USDA