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Georgia Recall Alerts 2014

The following list includes Class I and some Class II recalls that have impacted the State of Georgia either through product that was produced/processed and/or distributed within the state. 

12/29/14 - Happy Apple Brand caramel apples 


12/18/14 - Zachary Confections, Inc., Market Pantry (Target) Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

12/11/14 - Flat Creek Farm & Dairy, Aztec Cheddar (lot codes 140802XAZ and 140725XGO) and Low Country Gouda (lot code 140702XAZ)

12/9/14 - Global Garlic, Inc., De Mi Pais Products: Cuajada Fresca (Fresh Curd) 12 oz. and Cuajada Olanchana (Fresh Curd) 12 oz.

12/9/14 - Whalen's Horseradish Products, Inc., Whalen's Seafood & Burger Sauce

12/5/14 - Safeway Select French Salted Caramel (Fleur De Sel) Premium Ice Cream

12/4/14 - Quality Meats, Inc., Frozen Pork Belly Product

12/4/14 - Abdallah Candies, Red and Silver Foil Wrapped Holiday Caramel Bites

12/3/14 - Overhill Farms, Inc., Open Nature Chile Cheese Enchiladas

11/24/14 - Natura Pet Products, Dry Cat and Dry Ferret Food

11/22/14 - Ranchers Legacy Meat Co., Various Ground Beef Products

Please note, this list is incomplete. Georgia-initiated recalls from 2014 include press releases posted on our website hereFor more information about recalls during 2014, please visit websites for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) & U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety Inspection Service (USDA FSIS).

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