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Georgia Poultry Laboratory Network

Georgia Poultry Laboratory Network

3235 Abit Massey Rd
Gainesville, GA 30507
Tele: (770) 766-6810
FAX: (770)297-7526

Avian Influenza Hotline


The Georgia Poultry Laboratory Network contracts through the department to provide poultry diagnostic and monitoring services for the poultry industry.

Dr. Louise Dufour-Zavala
Executive Director

Dr. James F. Davis
Veterinary Director Northeast Georgia/Gainesville

Ms. Andrea Stephens
Administration Director

Ms. Brenda Glidewell
Serology & Quality Director

Mr. Len Chappell
Director of Customer Service

Ms. Bethany Coggin
Assistant Director of Customer Service
(770)766-6824 (office) (770)853-5793 (cell)

Dr. W. Douglas Waltman
Bacteriology Technical Director
Laboratory Technical and Logistics Support
NPIP OSA representative

Dr. Arun Kulkarni
Veterinary Director Virology

Dr. Katy Burden
Bacteriology Department Director

Network Laboratory Locations:

Tifton Laboratory - Tift County
Dr. Doug Anderson
Veterinary Director SGA
Cell: 970.420.4155

3150 U.S. Hwy 41 South
Tifton GA 31794
P.O. Box 7198
Tifton GA 31793-7198
229-386-8491 FAX 229-386-8494

Forsyth Laboratory - Monroe County
Dr. Doug Anderson
Veterinary Director SGA
Cell: 970.420.4155
P. O. Box 6025 222 Industrial Park Rd
Forsyth GA 31029
478.994.1219 FAX 478.994.1220


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