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It is an exciting time to be at the Georgia Department of Agriculture! The GDA offers a wide range of career opportunities. From administrative support staff to inspectors in various areas (e.g. Animal Industry, Plant Industry, Marketing, and Food Safety) to IT professionals to chemists and microbiologists, there is something for everyone at the GDA. The GDA values the opinions of its employees and strives to provide various opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. Please check out to see below for current openings.

Eligible state employees receive a variety of benefits, including health insurance and flexible benefits at reasonable rates. Flexible benefits include vision, dental, and life insurance, as well as long/short term disability, and specified illness coverage, among others. The state offers a variety of health insurance plans to choose from, including plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, and United Health Care. Qualified employees receive 10 hours of sick and annual leave per month and 12 paid holidays each year. Please visit for details on the benefits of state employment. Additionally, the State of Georgia offers a competitive retirement program with the Georgia State Employees’ Pension and Savings Plan (GSEPS), which includes a 401(k) plan with an employer match. For more information, check out

To apply for a position with the GDA, please send either two (2) State of Georgia applications or two (2) resumes with a cover letter stating the position to which you are applying and the position number. Said information should be sent by mail, fax, or email to:

Georgia Department of Agriculture
Personnel Office, Room 300
19 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Fax: (404) 463-8196

If you are forwarding your application via e-mail, only one (1) State of Georgia application is required. If you apply for a job which requires college credit, a copy of your college transcript must be submitted with your application. Due to the volume of applications received, we are unable to provide information on application status by phone or e-mail. All qualified applicants will be considered, but may not necessarily receive an interview. Selected applicants will be contacted by the hiring agency for next steps in the selection process. Applicants who are not selected will not receive notification.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture is An Equal Opportunity Employer.

Click here for Non-discrimination Statement


Current Openings
Closing Date
NOVEMBER 27, 2015
DECEMBER 4, 2015
DECEMBER 8, 2015
DECEMBER 8, 2015
DECEMBER 8, 2015
DECEMBER 15, 2015


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