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Georgia Department of Agriculture

Electronic Options

The Georgia Department of Agriculture is allowing service organizations to electronically renew pesticide registrations.  Supporting documentation in PDF format, including pesticide labels, may be submitted to us by e-mail or other electronic means.  Or, you may contact one of the service organizations listed below.

The standard paper renewal option remains available for companies that do not wish to renew electronically.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture does not recommend or endorse the service organizations listed below, nor does it recommend or endorse the services or information provided by such organizations, nor guarantees the results from the services offered.  Such organizations are listed purely upon their individual CLAIM to be able to provide the services indicated.  No registration or renewal is effective until it has met all the requirements of the Georgia Department of Agriculture and has been actually accepted (not just received) by it, whether individually submitted or submitted by a third party service organization, and whether in standard paper or electronic format.


Kelly Registration Systems, Inc.


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