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Georgia Department of Agriculture

Certification Fees

 Certification Fees Chapter Reference Fee Schedule
Federal Phytosanitary Certification
(Memorandum of Agreement with
$106 per Certificate
State Phytosanitary Certification
40-4-9-.03 (6)
$75 per Certificate
Special Inspection or Permit for the shipment of articles regulated by another state or foreign country
40-4-9-.03 (6)
$75 per Inspection
Blueberry Certification Program (California) $3 per acre plus $75.00 per state phyto (Minimum $200)
Blueberry Certification Program (Canada) $6 per Acre For Highbush Varieties (Min. $200)
$3.00 per acre fee For Rabbiteye Varieties (Min.$200.00)
European Corn Borer (California, Nevada) $6 per Acre (Min. $200)
European Corn Borer (Texas) $3.00 per acre (Min. $200)
Field Grown Transplant Certification
40-4-3-.03 (1)
$10 per Acre (Min. $200)
Greenhouse Transplant Certification
40-4-3-.16 (7)
$6 per 1000 sq. ft. (Min. $200)
Houseplant Inspection
40-4-9-.03 (6)
$75 per Inspection
Sweet Potato Weevil Trapping
(Potatoes are not eligible for shipment to weevil-free areas of AL, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN)
10 per acre (Min. $50)
Diagnostic fees for the identification of plant pests or certification
40-4-9-.03 (6)
Diagnostic Fee charged by laboratory

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