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Georgia Restaurant Association

 By Morgan Smith

Georgia Restaurant Association began in 2003. With 23 board members and five staff members, GRA represents more than 3,000 restaurants.

“We serve as a unified voice for an industry comprising over 16,000 foodservice and drinking places in the State of Georgia,” said Rachel Matthews, marketing and communications manager for GRA. “GRA’s mission is to promote three key issues for Geor­gia’s restaurant industry: advocacy, education and awareness.” Become a subscriber to read this and other exciting articles


Georgia Bonding Law Benefits Both Farmers, Produce Dealers

Since it won't be very long before Georgia heads into the peak season for fruits and vegetables, produce dealers and farmers are reminded by the Georgia Department of Agriculture of the requirements set forth in the Dealer in Agricultural Products law.

     State law requires that anyone engaged in the business of buying Georgia agricultural products must be licensed and bonded by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  This law covers out-of-state buyers of Georgia commodities, as well as those within the state.  The only dealers who are exempt are those who certify that they buy exclusively in cash.

     In addition, dealers who purchase agricultural products are required to pay for the commodities within 20 days following delivery in the absence of a written contract... Become a subscriber to read this and other exciting articles

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