Ga Dept of Agriculture


Animal Health

Dr. Janemarie Hennebelle
Assistant State Veterinarian
19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., S.W. Room 101
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Tele: (404) 656-3667
Fax: (404) 651-9024

Georgia's Reportable Animal Disease System (Georgia RADS)

Our Animal Health office governs the prevention, control and eradication of certain infectious and communicable diseases of livestock and  other domestic animals.  Information sheets on some reportable diseases are available at Georgia RADS

Animal Health is also responsible for:

IMPORTANT: Information regarding animal importation, exportation, and rabies:

What do you need for your dogs & cats when entering Georgia?

  • Flying into GA from another State: Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) is needed within 10 days of movement & a current rabies vaccination (Georgia honors the 1 and 3 yr current rabies certificate)
  • Arriving by Car from Another State: Current rabies certificate
  • Entering GA from another Country (International): Call CDC (Center for Disease Control) at 404-498-1670 or log on to:

Call USDA, Veterinary Services, at 770-761-5420 for:

  • Animal(s) Leaving the United States
  • Request for International Health Certificates
  • International Import/Export Regulations
  • Veterinary Accreditation

Questions concerning importation of Wild or Exotic Animals:

  • Wildlife Management, Department of Natural Resources

RABIES QUESTIONS-Division of Public Health:

  • Medical Epidemiologist,

Submission for Rabies testing: Call Public Health 404-327-7981

Rabies & Poison Control Center (animal bites): 1-800-282-5846 or 404-616-9000