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Georgia Department of Agriculture

Agriculture Calendar

The Department of Agriculture has various events throughout the year from Market Bulletin deadlines, equine auctions, grant proposals, and many more.  You can find out what events Agriculture has up-and-coming by viewing this calendar.  If you have an agriculture related event that you would like advertised on our calendar please click here and include the event name and information, contact information, date, time, and event location address.

January  |   February  |   March  |   April  |   May  |   June  |   July  |   August  |   September  |   October  |   November  |   December

UPDATE: At this time, ALL in-person Egg Candling Classes are cancelled due to COVID-19. The Department is looking at ways to continue offering this service in a safe and effective manner for Georgia residents in the future. We will make an announcement once the classes start back up. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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