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Georgia Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Inputs

Ag Inputs Division COVID-19 Updates


Jenny Wren
Division Director
Tele: (404) 656-4958

Quiwajula McDowell
Office Administrator
Tele: (404) 656-4958

Bailey Whiten
Assistant Director
Tele: (404) 656-4958


Agricultural Inputs

The Agricultural Inputs Section of the Plant Industry Division of the Georgia Department of Agriculture is composed of seven regulatory programs. Each program has specific rules and regulations to follow.

Ag Inputs - Feed
Ag Inputs - Fertilizer
Ag Inputs - Horticultural Growing Media
Ag Inputs - Liming Materials
Ag Inputs - Pesticides
Ag Inputs - Seed
Ag Inputs - Soil Amendments




Field Operations

Trey Clark
Field Operations Manager – Feed
Tele: (404) 656-4958

Brad Baker
Field Operations Manager – Pesticide, Seed & Fertilizer (North)
Tele: (404) 656-4958

Shelton Brigham
Field Operations Manager – Pesticide, Seed & Fertilizer (South)
Tele: (404) 656-4958


Pesticide Program

T’Mya Tomlinson
Applicator Certification and Training
Tele: (404) 656-4958

Adrienne Andrews
Product Registration
Tele: (404) 656-4958

Katibeth Mims
Complaints and Enforcement
Tele: (404) 656-9371

Rick Hayes
Special Projects & Training Coordinator
and Clean Day Program
Tele: (404) 656-4958


Fertilizer, Lime, Soil Amendment, HGM, Feed & Seed Program

Melissa Smith
Product Registration
Tele: (404) 656-4958

Seed Program

Dedria Smith
Seed Laboratory Program Manager
Tele: (229) 386-3557

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